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Are you passionate about digital marketing and SEO? Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with other SEO enthusiasts? Do you want to get more exposure and traffic for your website or blog?

You’re at the correct spot if you said “yes” to any of these questions. We are SEO Classifieds, a website dedicated to providing the latest news, tips, and resources on SEO and online marketing. We are always looking for new and fresh content from experts and practitioners in the field.

That’s why we invite you to submit a guest post on our website. Guest posting is a great way to showcase your expertise, build your authority, and reach a new and targeted audience. It can also help you improve your SEO and generate more organic traffic to your site.

But before you submit your guest post, there are some rules and conditions that you need to follow. Please read them carefully and make sure you comply with them.

Guest Post Submission Rules and Conditions

  • Your guest article needs to be distinct and creative. It must not be published or submitted elsewhere, online or offline. We will check your content for plagiarism and reject any duplicate or spun content.
  • Your guest post must be relevant and useful to our audience. It must cover a topic related to SEO, digital marketing, online business, or web development. It must provide valuable information, insights, or solutions that can help our readers improve their SEO skills and results.
  • Your guest post must be well-written and formatted. It must have a clear and catchy title, a concise and compelling introduction, and a logical and coherent structure. It must use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphs to break up the text and make it easy to read. It must also use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • A minimum of 500 words must be included in your guest article. It can’t be either too lengthy or too short. It must provide enough depth and detail to cover the topic adequately, but not bore or overwhelm the reader. It must also include relevant images, screenshots, charts, or graphs to illustrate your points and enhance your content.
  • Your guest post must include a short and catchy bio at the end. It must introduce yourself, your website or blog, and your expertise or experience in the field. It must also include a link to your website or blog and one or two social media profiles. You can also add a call-to-action to encourage the reader to visit your site or follow you on social media.
  • Your guest post must not contain any promotional or affiliate links. You can only link to your website or blog in your bio. You can also link to other reputable and authoritative sources that support your claims or provide additional information. However, you must not link to any direct competitors or irrelevant or low-quality sites. We reserve the right to remove or edit any links that we deem inappropriate or unnecessary.
  • Your guest post must follow our editorial guidelines and standards. We reserve the right to review, edit, or reject any guest post that we receive. We may make minor changes to your content, such as correcting typos, errors, or formatting issues. We may also make major changes, such as rewriting, reorganizing, or adding or removing sections if we think it will improve the quality or clarity of your content. We will notify you of any changes that we make and ask for your approval before publishing your guest post.
  • Your guest post must not violate any laws or regulations. It must not contain any illegal, offensive, abusive, hateful, or defamatory content. It must not infringe on any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or other rights of any third party. It must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding SEO and online marketing.

How to Submit Your Guest Post

If you agree to follow these rules and conditions, you can submit your guest post to us by following these steps:

  • Complete the form below to submit a guest post. Provide your name, email address, website or blog URL, social media profiles, and a summary of your guest post idea. Include the title, main points, and keywords of your guest post.
  • Wait for our response. We will review your guest post idea and get back to you within 48 hours. We will let you know if we accept or reject your guest post idea, and if we have any feedback or suggestions for improvement.
  • Write and send your guest post. If we accept your guest post idea, you can write your guest post and send it to us as a Word document or a Google Doc. Make sure you follow our rules and conditions and our editorial guidelines and standards. Also, attach any images, screenshots, charts, or graphs that you want to include in your guest post.
  • Wait for our final approval and publication. We will review your guest post and make any necessary changes. We will also notify you of any changes that we make and ask for your approval before publishing your guest post. Once your guest post is ready, we will publish it on our website and promote it on our social media channels.

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That’s it! You are now ready to submit your guest post to us. We look forward to hearing from you and reading your awesome content. Thank you for your interest and contribution to SEO Classifieds.

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