Privacy Policy Statement of Adpost.Me Classifieds

At Classifieds, safeguarding your online privacy is our priority. Please review the following policy to comprehend how your personal information is handled while utilizing Classifieds. Note that this policy might undergo changes periodically, so check back regularly for updates. This policy outlines:
  • Information we collect from you
  • Use of cookies and their purposes
  • How we utilize your information
  • Who collects your information
  • Situations in which we might share your information
  • Your decisions on the gathering, use, and sharing of information
  • Access, update, or deletion of your information
  • Security protocols in place to safeguard your data
  • Additional considerations regarding your online privacy

Information we collect from you:

When you register on Classifieds, we collect various personal details, including your name, email address, and optionally, your street address, telephone number, and website URL. This information streamlines your navigation on the site by auto-populating forms, ensuring a seamless experience. Upon registration, you receive a username and gain full access to Classifieds’ features. Additionally, we may request personal information when you utilize features like placing ads. Any interaction with Classifieds links to this Privacy Policy for your reference.

Use of cookies and their purposes: Classifieds employs cookies to deliver customized services. Cookies are small data pieces sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer. We utilize cookies for functions such as identifying new ads, saving passwords (if opted), and enabling ad “checklisting.” These cookies help enhance your experience on the platform. Furthermore, we may use third-party advertising companies, like Google, which may utilize cookies to deliver relevant ads based on your visits to Classifieds and other websites. You can opt out of these cookies via the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

How we utilize your information:

Our main objective in collecting personal information is to tailor your experience on Classifieds. Additionally, with the introduction of an AI chatbot, we collect and process data to enhance its performance, providing users with relevant responses and recommendations.

Who collects your information:

When you provide personal information on Classifieds, it remains within the platform, except when explicitly stated otherwise. Certain activities may expose your information to other users, such as entering personal details in ad postings.

Circumstances under which your information may be shared: Classifieds prioritizes the protection of your personally identifiable information. We disclose such information only with your consent or under specific circumstances mandated by law. This includes cases where sharing information is necessary for legal compliance or to safeguard our platform’s integrity.

Your decisions about the gathering, use, and sharing of information:

You retain control over your personal information. While most features are accessible without registration, some functionalities necessitate it. You can manage cookies by adjusting your browser preferences. Classifieds does not sell or rent user information and provides options to prevent data sharing.

Access, update, or deletion of your information:

We facilitate the maintenance of your personal information’s accuracy and currency. You can edit your user profile anytime through the provided “My Account” feature. Account deletion is possible upon request, understanding that it restricts access to registered features.

Security protocols in place to safeguard your data:

Your personal information on Classifieds is password-protected, and we advise against sharing passwords. We employ security measures to safeguard your data, although absolute security on the internet cannot be guaranteed. Users should log off after sessions for added security.

Additional considerations regarding your online privacy:

Exercise caution when disclosing personal information online, as it may be collected and utilized by others. You are responsible for maintaining password secrecy and account information. Be vigilant and prudent in your online activities. We encourage users to review this policy periodically for updates and remain mindful of their online privacy practices.

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