Do you know all the varied types of keys that various cars use? Over time, you can perceive a clear pattern between technology and the “digitization” of keys. Coupled with enhanced technology comes better security, as well. You will be able to find out much more about the impact of technology on locksmithing in this blog post.

A good auto locksmith in NYC can work with every variety of auto keys, helping you when it’s most needed.

  • Locked your keys in your car?
  • Lost your only set of car keys?
  • Broken a key in the ignition?

This post will look at some of the most common types of car keys.

Standard cut key

The traditional car key is cut with the help of a machine and involves the use of ridges and cuts to fit into your car’s ignition. Even if the key has broken off when still in the ignition there is just no need to stress.

An increasing number of modern keys are cut with a bespoke machine named an end mill cutter. This forms additional grooves and cuts the key with complete precision, so making the key more secure. While this type of key is very hard and more expensive to recreate, it is doable.

Remote control key

Remote control keys offer rather more convenience to drivers, letting them unlock the car on approach. Thus, immediately after reaching the car, they can hop right in.

If your key comes with a remote door or boot unlock that has malfunctioned, the pros can replace or fix the sensors that join your key to your car. It’s a simple fix that just takes one call to solve.

Transponder key

Transponder keys feature microchips that start the ignition as soon as the key is inserted. Without the microchip, your ignition will not start. It’s specially designed in that fashion to make your car extra secure and the key difficult to duplicate. With the best fit specialized equipment and transponder systems, however, a professional locksmith in NYC can replace your microchip and reprogram the key.

Smart car key

The smart keys are new on the market and are as savvy as they sound. With the use of these high-tech keys, you only need to have the key in the vehicle and the car will start.

Valet key

A valet key is not so common in the present times as it was in the past, however, like a master key system, it allows various “permissions” for different drivers. As the name indicates, a valet key would be specifically for valet drivers, and designed to work just to unlock or start the car. Nevertheless, this type of key just cannot unlock the boot or glove compartment.

The Bottomline

If you have lost or broken your car key or were a victim of burglary, you need a reputed auto locksmith in NYC to come to you and provide the right car key solution. A reliable locksmith will come to your help when you need them the most. 


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