Regular maintenance of CCTV systems will ensure a long life of the system. It will ascertain that the monitoring devices continue to work without any snags. But what’s involved in CCTV maintenance? You should keep reading the blog post to find out.

Wiring and Cables

Routine maintenance of CCTV involves inspecting the wiring and cables. System technicians will inspect the wiring for any damage. They will ensure that the wiring insulation is in good condition. The service engineers will also inspect the cable entry points and connectors. Additionally, they will ensure that the coaxial connectors are adequately insulated from pull boxes and conduits. The experts will make a trial run of the coaxial cables to ensure that the signals are free of tearing, distortions, rolling, and electromagnetic interferences.

Camera and Enclosure

An expert CCTV technician will also inspect the CCTV camera and enclosure. They will inspect the camera lens inside and out. They will furthermore inspect the camera’s field of view and focus and adjust it if required. The interior casing of the camera will also undergo an inspection. The engineer will ensure that the casing of the CCTV camera is clean. Moreover, they will also examine various functionalities of the camera including pan and tilt, focus, and zoom.

CCTV Control Equipment

A regular CCTV inspection also includes inspecting the control equipment. The experienced engineer will examine the monitors to identify distortion or picture burn-ins. Additionally, they will test out the brightness & contrast of the CCTV system.

The experienced technician will then inspect the function of the control equipment. They will look at the switchers and multiplexers. The routine inspection will also involve testing out the operation of the matrix switchers. Also, they will clean the control panels, keyboards, and monitor screens of the control equipment with a diluted solution.

Importance of Regular CCTV Maintenance

Regular maintenance of CCTV cameras will ensure that it functions without any snags. The CCTV system has sensitive parts. They may be damaged because of exposure to dirt, heat, and moisture. Regular CCTV maintenance and servicing of the CCTV cameras will ensure that the system functions smoothly.
The technician will check each component of the surveillance system. You can get inner peace knowing that your CCTV system is effectively monitoring the premises.

The Bottom Line

The frequency of CCTV system maintenance relies on the location and the type of equipment. Low-grade, cheap CCTV systems will need more frequent inspections. In addition, if you are in an area that is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, you need to think about more frequent CCTV system maintenance. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with a CCTV repair and maintenance company once a month to ensure the proper working of the CCTV camera. In addition, a thorough annual inspection is also recommended to be sure that the system works faultlessly. The bottom line is that you must order regular maintenance from an experienced and professional security company to ensure your CCTV system works flawlessly.


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