Bikini season is on the horizon!  After a cold winter, who else is enthusiastic about sunshine and warmer temps?  One service many women usually start considering as spring draws closer is full body waxing. Nevertheless, it is a service that can give a lot of people pause because they think of the potential pain that accompanies it. This blog post offers you valuable information that can set your mind at ease so that you feel more comfortable coming in for a rejuvenating full body beyond waxing session.

Be Prepared

  • Be sure the hair is no longer than a quarter of an inch, like a long grain of rice. Don’t shave for about 4 weeks. Yes, it seems like a long time. However, this is for your comfort, and to ensure the beautician (or waxer) can remove all the hair easily and painlessly.  A standard trimmer with guard attachments will fulfill the purpose. The product can be purchased at Amazon.
  • If you’re going for a bikini waxing put on loose-fitting clothing and don’t do anything afterwards to allow the area to recover after waxing. You cannot say how your body is going to react after the beyond waxing session is over. So, running around, sweating and chaffing could ruin newly bare and abused skin. Go home, slip out of your pants, grab an ice pack, & chill.
  • If you are predisposed to ingrown hair you would want to exfoliate the area to assist with the healing process.
  • Bruising, lifted skin, and ingrown hairs is a possibility, but there are remedies for aftercare. Get more information by talking to your waxer. A professional salon will use top-quality wax and do everything they can to avoid skin trauma.


  • Begin waxing early. If there is a trip coming up, don’t wait until that week for your first full body beyond waxing appointment. Get one now to prime the area and avoid having an adverse reaction. Getting 2-3 waxes on a regular routine before summertime starts will be ideal.
  • Hairs that grow back will be thinner, finer, and at times not at all with every waxing session!
  • It’s best recommended to have waxing between 4-6 weeks to reduce and even eliminate regrowth. Staying consistent is the key!

Never have face or full body waxing if:

  • You presently take Accutane or have stopped taking it for less than a year.
  • You’re taking a prescription medication for acne.
  • You suffer from Lupus or an outbreak of Herpes. Reduce the possibility of a Herpes outbreak by taking your medication 3 days before.
  • You’re undergoing cancer therapy and getting chemotherapy or radiation.
  • You have been in direct sunlight for a very long time.
  • You have used a tanning bed in the past 24 hours.
  • Don’t wax those areas where you have been using any alpha hydroxy acids over 8%.
  • Avoid waxing over or around body piercings.

The Sum Up

In the end try not to wax irritated, inflamed, cut, or sunburned skin. Avoid the use of a hot tub within 3 days post waxing.


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