The variety of haircuts that you can find is quite wide, from long, medium, or very short cuts, however, to find the one that best suits your appearance, style, and personality, you must keep in mind what the dimensions of your hair are.

Women have completely different features, some have elongated faces, and others were born with round faces, or heart-shaped, you must know what the shape of your face is to choose an appropriate haircut Miami salon.

Women with round face

This type of face is quite common. If you have this type of face, it is most likely that your face appears much wider than it is, therefore, it is recommended that you opt for a cut, whose length is lower than the jaw, this way you will look much more stylized .

Layers will be a wonderful tool, they work to add more volume to your hair, they will also help you look much more striking, best of all, and they work well if you wish to have long hair.

If you like bangs, it is recommended that you ask the haircut Miami salon to use soft ones, because the less forehead you show, the more rounded your face will look. Try to cut it below the chin, to give yourself a fresher image.

Square face women

Square faces usually give the impression of much harder features, therefore, the cut you choose must be versatile and quite agile, this way your face will look much softer, in general, it is recommended that the hair not be used short.

You can use tilted bangs with a straight hairline so that your jaw looks more harmonious with your face. The most recommended length for you is medium, this way your face will be well framed.

Layers are an excellent option, as long as the shortest one is not above the easy cheekbones since this would make you look less stylish. If you prefer to wear your hair short, it is recommended that you wear it close to your neck.

This is one of the most special faces because the cheekbones are the protagonists, they become the most attractive part of the face, so the cut you choose must hide them, the simplest way to achieve this is by clearing the chin and forehead.

You should leave aside the bangs, the best way to show off a good hairstyle is to use a line down the middle of the hair. When it comes to length, it is best to wear your hair below your shoulders.

If you want to give it style and personality, you can ask your stylist at Haircut Miami salon to give you a layered cut, where the most expensive strand of hair is below the chin.

Heart face women

This type of face is one of the least common, the parts of the face that tend to stand out the most are the chin and cheekbones, for this type of face, you can use short bangs, which help to hide the forehead, you can also use long medium, with a cut in able.

The advantage that these women have is that they can play with the length of their hair, they only have to pay attention to the upper part of their face.

Filled face women

In general, women with full faces tend to have square or round features, so the cut that can best suit you is a length that falls naturally to the collarbone. You can also wear your hair a little longer.

Bangs are not the most suitable for that face, however, you can use a lock of hair that falls just a little below the chin, so you will look simply wonderful.

Are haircuts wet or dry?

No rule requires you to cut your hair one way or another at Haircut Miami salon. To define how it is easiest to get a haircut, you must take into account some factors such as the way you wear it.

If you like to use defined waves, then the most prudent thing to do is to cut it when it is in its natural form, although, when drying it, it is very likely that the cut will not be perfect.

Now, if you prefer to use straight hair, then you should request the haircut Miami salon that your hair be cut when it is completely dry and straight, this way, combing it will be much easier.


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