When it comes to long-range hunting, the 338 Lapua ammo is specially built for this purpose. It is vital to remember that all rifles are not the same, and there are many types of Lapua variants on the market. When you are trying to find the ideal rifle for you, taking cues from a specialist is the most effective way. They can help you to pick one that fits your specific hunting style and likings.

Savage Arms 110 Elite Precision Model

In the late 1980s, Lapua designed the 338 Lapua Sniper Rifle, a reliable bolt-action rifle. Apart from being used by militaries all over the world, it is also widely known in target shooting circles for its accuracy and reliability. The Savage Arms 110 Elite Precision Model, even if expensive, delivers value for money because of its accurate results. 

It features a Lapua Magnum chamber & the bolt-action rifle design enhances its performance even more. This rifle is outfitted with a 26′′ stainless steel threaded barrel & target crown, alongside a two-stage competition trigger that adjusts to 2.25 – 5 pounds. 

It is custom-made for lightweight but sturdy construction and can be adjusted to go with various types of shooting preferences, whether you need it light or smooth. This specific model is constructed with a 25-inch barrel and a 5-round magazine.

Made For Hunters or Sharpshooters

The best 338 Lapua rifle is characterized by precision and longevity. Being a naturally lightweight weapon it is perfect for hunters or sharpshooters alike because it can be used for extended periods without any fatigue. The MRAD comes with a range of pull options, along with an optional length of pull which has the feature of being adjusted. 

This 338 Lapua rifle was chosen by many owing to its monolithic chassis. Moreover, this firearm boasts of a long barrel length. The measurement of this distance between the chamber & muzzle can make or break the performance of a firearm. 

338 Lapua Magnum

It is a hypersonic rifle cartridge with an unbelievable range in the 338 Lapua Magnum. It is most often used to hunt big game, but it is used by the military and law enforcement as well.

The best 338 Lapua Magnum is a groundbreaking supersonic rifle cartridge that is now a go-to choice for hunting big game. Carrying an impressive range and accuracy it’s not surprising why it’s the favorite of most hunters and marksmen alike. 

This cartridge even has military and law enforcement applications, so it’s considered an even more powerful tool, in the fight against crime. The 338 Lapua Magnum is not only an efficient but an effective firearm cartridge.

The Summary

The best 338 Lapua rifle muzzle brake is designed with four ports to tone down the muzzle jump and pull up precision while shooting. This lets users adjust the weapon to help achieve minimal muzzle jump; so, offering an enhanced shooting experience. Nearly all sharpshooters are capable of accurately shooting with the rifle up to 1,800 yards. However according to Ruger, this rifle can fire with absolute accuracy up to 2,500 yards as well.


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